Tuesday, September 11, 2012

PTU - Pumpkin Lovin Tutorial

Supplies Needed
*Pumpkin Lovin Kit By: Kirsty's Scraps
*Imp TubE Used By: Alex_Prihodko

Lets get Started...
1. Open glitter 3 and frame 1 with the frame, image/rotate to the left by 90, then copy and paste as new layer onto the glitter paper and duplicate paper and delete the old select eraser tool and remove all paper outside of the frame.

2. Now open the black spider web copy and paste as new layer and move behind frame layer, select the eraser tool and  remove web thats outside of the frame anfter you center it in the frame. Now open the bead scatter.

3. Copy and paste as new layer and place layer down under paper and place it in the left top corner, now duplicate then image/mirror, image/flip now you have it in top corner and bottom corner. Now open the orange glitter dots.

4. Copy and paste as new layer down t bottom layer place in the top right corner then duplicate it, then image/mirror,then image/flip and place in left bottom corner. Now select the tube you like to use.

5. Copy and paste as new layer and center your tube in the middle of the frame, I am using art work by Alex Prihodko at PFD. Now select the eraser tool and remove any tube outside of the frame. And add a drop shadow.

6.Now open the black cat and resize by 60% copy and paste as new and place on the rightside of the frame.Now open the pumpkin you like to use and resize by 60% and copy and paste as new on the leftside of the frame.

7. Open the pumpkin potion bottle and resize by 40% copy and paste as new layer and place on the left sdie by thepumpkin and add a drop shadow your own settings. Now open the candy  corn and resize it by 40%.

8. Duplicate it 3 times,place all 3 on the right side by the bottom of the cat. Then on do image/rotate to the right by 30%, and for another do the same thing but rotate to the left. Add a drop shadow to all 3,your own settings.

9. Now add the correct copyrights to your tag. And your done!



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