Thursday, August 23, 2012

PTU - Queen Of Hearts Tutorial

Supplies Needed
*Queen of Hearts Kit By:Scraps N Pleasure
*Awesome Tube Work By: Jose Cano
*Tag Template By:Acaol

1. Open the tag template in psp and delete the pink and copyright layers. And close off all layers but the first grey strip, Now selection/select all,selections/float,selections/defloat, open paper 6 copy and paste as new layer then selections/invert and hit delete button,verge layer.

2. Now do this same exact thing for the next 3 strips and use the same color paper. Now once your done with those layers close all. Now you going to open the 2 cloud like layers and follow the same steps in one but you paper 2 and do a drop shadow to both.

3.Now once you finish those 2 layers close them off also. Now open the big circle black layer. Follow same steps and lets use paper4. Once you finish doing that, now open all layers to the tag template.Select the tube you like to use copy and paste as new layer.

4. Make sure you center your tube in the circle, now select the eraser tool and remove any tube below the circle.Now layers merge all. Open paper 3 then layers/load mask wsl_mask84 then layers merge/group,copy the tag template and paste as new layer on the mask.

5. Now open the different color glitter spill copy and paste as new layer and move down on top of the mask layer below the template. Open the swirl doodle, image/rotate to the right by 90, copy and paste as new layer and place at bottom of the tag behind the template.

6.Open the queen of hearts (ele52) and resize by 65% copy and paste as new layer and center at the bottom of the tag. Now open the red hearts and also resize that by 65% copy and paste as new layer and place on the left side of the sign and duplicate.

7. Then image/mirror now you have one on each side of the sign near the corner. Open the flower bundle and resize by 50% copy and paste as new layer and center at the bottom of the queen of hearts sign. Add correct copyright info and your done!!


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