Wednesday, August 1, 2012

FTU - Starr Roller Tutorial

Supplies Needed
FTU Kit :Starr Roller By: Toxic Desirez
Roller Girl Tube By: Keith Garvey

1. Open paper 8 and the star shaped frame and copy and paste frame as new layer on the paper, then duplicatepaper layer and delete the orignial one. Select eraser tool and remove all paper outside of the frame.

2.Add a drop shadow to the frame, Now open the star doodle from kit copy and paste as new layer and duplicate it then image/mirror and move both layer down under background.Place one at top and one at bottom.

3. Now open the glitter splat and copy and paste as new layer and duplicate it 1 time then move them both down under the back ground layer and place them around back of tag where showing out on the sides.

4. Now open your tube copy and paste as new layer and center her on you tag with the frame. And a drop shadow to it, your own settings. Now open the pink and white butterfly from kit.

5. Resize by 50% and copy and paste as new layer on the right side of the tag then image/rotate by 30% to the  left, then dupliucate then resize by 60% again and place that one on the left side of the frame.

6.Open star 2 and resize by 40% copy and paste as new layer and place at the bottom of corner of the starframe. Now open the bead word Starr Roller and resize a little then copy and paste as new layer.

7. Place at the bottom of your tag then open the pink curly ribbon and resize that one also and place  behind the words and select eraser tool and remove parts of ribbon to make it like wrapping around the words. Now add all correct copyright and your done!




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