Wednesday, August 1, 2012

FTU - Music Tutorial

Supplies Needed 
FTU -Music Is Life Kit By: Jenny's Designz
KCollins Tube By: Marco Guaglione
Filter Used:: Xero/Fritillary 

1. Open paper 4 and frame 1 copy frame and paste as new layer on the paper and select the eraser
tool and remove all paper outside of frame, then effects/xero/fritillary  and use these settings.

2. G:5 , A:30, T:42 , V:112. Now open the piano keys, then copy an dpaste as new layer and center
it on the frame and move below the frame layer and select eraser tool and remove extra keys outside of frame.

3.Open the musci notes 3 and resize by 50% copy and paste as new layer and duplicate it 4 times
and now move them around the back of your tag, so they coming out the side of the tags.

4.Now open the keychain and bow 1 copy and paste the keychain as new layer and place it on the left
side of the frame by the bow then resize bow 1 copy and paste as new layer on top of keychain.

5. Add a drop shadow to that bow. Now open the music papers copy and paste as new layer  and place
under the frame now duplicate it and resize by 50% and place on the top on the left side bottom of frame.

6. Now open your tube copy and paste as new layer and center on the tag where its setting or standing
on the music papers. And add a drop shadow your settings. Now add correct copyright and your done!Photobucket


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