Monday, July 30, 2012

PTU - Sweet Candy Tutorial

Supplies Needed 
Sweet Candy Kit By: Black Widow Creationz
Tube of your Choice, I used: Girl with Candy By: Verymany
Mask 241 I used By :Weescotslass Creations

1. Open pp7 then layers/load wsl_mask241 then layers/merge group. Now open pp3 and stripped frame,
copy and paste paper as new later on top of mask layer, Now copy and paste frame as new layer.

2. Now center the frame then select your eraser tool and move all paper outside of the frame.Now select
the tube you like to use for this tutorial, copy and paste as new layer and center in the frame.

3. Now select your eraser tool and remove any extra tube outside of the frame just not the head! Now
open the diamonds and move under frame and background layer, duplicate it by 3 times.

4. Now move them around in back of the frame.Open the gumball mashine and resize by 50%, copy &
paste as new layer place on the left side of the frame, add drop shadow your settings.Now open the skibbles.

5. Copy and paste as new layer resize them by 50% and place by the gumball machine, now image/free
rotate/right by 30%.Open the light pink sucker and resize by 50% copy and paste as new layer by the gumball.

6.Now open the bright pink candy and resize that by 50% copy and paste as new layer and center in front
of the gumball machine. Add a drop shadow to that your settings. Open the pink butterfly. Resize by 50%.

7. Copy and paste as new layer and place on the right side of the tag on the frame, then do image/rotate
to 30% to the right. Add a drop shadow. Now open the sparkles copy and paste as new layer.

8. Duplicate it by 3 times and move them around the top of your tag.Layers/merge/invisiable. Now add
all correct copyrights and your done!



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